Despite bombing, resist stereotyping

After Boston and every other U.S. city was shook by the bombings that took place during the Boston Marathon in April 2013, a newfound hatred toward Muslims was ignited. In my column in Pipe Dream a few weeks after the bombings, I wrote about the unwarranted prejudice for a group of people that stems from events like these.

Our enemies are not one group of people who practice one religion from one country; our enemies are the individuals that choose to hurt us.

In the wake of the Boston bombings, immigration reform has been under much scrutiny. Supporters of the Gang of Eight’s plan, which is the proposed bill to strictly reform immigration as well as identify the 11 million foreigners living in the U.S., were even more adamant on securing our nation’s borders.

But unfortunately, no one piece of legislation is going to stop the violence, because there is not just one identifiable enemy.

As much of a tragedy as it is that three lives were lost and more than 250 were injured from the Boston bombings, it is also a tragedy that we Americans are still so closed-minded in the face of adversity.”

Read more from the original article here 

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