Gen Y needs a wake up call

After hurricane Sandy in October 2012, I began to take note of my own hastiness and impatience- two qualities that are unwarranted and unnecessary. About two weeks after Sandy, I wrote an article about how these qualities only hurt us, and how as a generation that is moving faster than ever, we need to learn to slow down.

“About two weeks ago I stole a cup of coffee. I was in line at the Starbucks in the Old University Union waiting to pay before my class began at 11:40. When my watch struck 11:35, I left. My class was in the Old Union and I was next in line. I certainly would have made it, but I was impatient and the line was dawdling. I threw a dollar down on the counter and left, thinking that was sufficient.

Days later, the depravity of my action resonated with me. It wasn’t the actual taking of the coffee without paying that got to me, but the fact that I had such a difficult time waiting.”

Read more from the original article here

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