Gen Y needs a wake up call

After hurricane Sandy in October 2012, I began to take note of my own hastiness and impatience- two qualities that are unwarranted and unnecessary. About two weeks after Sandy, I wrote an article about how these qualities only hurt us, and how as a generation that is moving faster than ever, we need to learn to slow down.

“About two weeks ago I stole a cup of coffee. I was in line at the Starbucks in the Old University Union waiting to pay before my class began at 11:40. When my watch struck 11:35, I left. My class was in the Old Union and I was next in line. I certainly would have made it, but I was impatient and the line was dawdling. I threw a dollar down on the counter and left, thinking that was sufficient.

Days later, the depravity of my action resonated with me. It wasn’t the actual taking of the coffee without paying that got to me, but the fact that I had such a difficult time waiting.”

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We’re more than our frats

In the fall of 2012, Binghamton University was publicly criticized for its hazing issues among fraternities on and off campus. New York Time’s writer, Peter Applebome, wrote an article heavily condemning Binghamton. As a proud Binghamton student and an opinion columnist for Pipe Dream, I had to write something to contradict his negative words toward Binghamton.

About a week ago, Binghamton University made the front page of The New York Times. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for commendation. Heading New York’s most-read newspaper, Binghamton was condemned. Apparently, among everything going on in the world, our Greek Life issues were deemed some of the most important…”

“…Greek Life is a great campus contribution, but its members only make up about 10 percent of our student body. Why has The New York Times published only negative articles about Binghamton? And why have so many of our accomplishments gone unrecognized? In Sept. 2011, Harpur’s Ferry was awarded the Collegiate EMS Organization of the Year. Harpur’s Ferry also won this award back in 2005, making Binghamton the first organization to win it twice. Where’s Applebome’s article on that?”

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Mr. Applebome and I actually had a little back and forth on Twitter after my article was published. It was very exciting.

The simple life, summer camp moments

As both a camper and camp counselor for many years, I made some observations and parallels between the life of a counselor and that of a camper. My thoughts are in one of my first published opinion pieces for Pipe Dream’s summer issue of 2011.

Now, as a counselor of said young girls, my own celebrations during past handstand competitions seem silly. The numbers one through 10, numbers that meant so much to me at the time, were given for what I thought was how pointed my toes were or how long I held my breath under a sea of chlorine, when in reality, they were always just numbers.”

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